You are the Healer

My sister, Terri, and her husband, Bob, who is a Denver firefighter returned a week ago from Haiti. Since then, they have been sharing their experiences with all of us. Now the incredibly moving tragedy in Haiti, is so close and personal. Their pictures of the beautiful children at the orphanage where they stayed, touch your soul. Terri said that these precious little children lovingly, generously take care of each other everyday. She said that the most beautiful and inspiring experience they had was that, in spite of loosing everything, people showed up everyday to help with a smile on their face. She said that their faith is sustaining them…it is all they have left.

It certainly makes me think. About everyone in Haiti and their immediate and ongoing needs. About my clients who are facing incredible challenges fighting cancer. About our own homeless children at Urban Peak here in Denver, and about all of those in the United states and all around the world who have no medical care.

I believe that it takes enormous courage just to go on after the earthquake, to choose to go to Haiti to provide medical care, to show up for cancer treatment… There are so many ways people show their strength and courage everyday, just by showing up with a smile on their face and serving the preciousness of their own life or the lives of their brothers and sisters.

I am inspired, I am humbled and I am moved to do what ever I can do, in whatever capacity that is. We are all thinking what can I do, how can I serve? I believe that true healing is being open to the call within ourselves to offer ourselves. For we, each one of us, are the most important healing instruments on the earth.

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