The 23rd Anniversary of The Center for Healing and Change

Hands Holding a Lit Candle

Bringing OUR  light to the world!

December 2017 marks the 23rd Anniversary of the founding of The Center for Healing and Change! At The Center for Healing and Change I am here to be of service to you during life’s most difficult challenges and to help you stay healthy throughout your lifetime.  I offer care for the whole person– Body, Mind and Spirit.  Here, I bring the best of science and medicine combined with personalized care for all of my clients. I truly believe that it is a privilege to accompany my clients on their journey through cancer, grief and other life challenges.  I am so blessed and grateful for all of you who have trusted me to be a part of your care team over the past 23 years.

Technology has changed many things over the last 23 years and it has allowed me to work with clients all over the United States and now all over the world!  Wherever you are, if my work can be of benefit to you, I am happy to do it. Distance does not make any difference.  My goal is to be of service to everyone who can benefit by the work I do.  Part of that goal is to offer many ways to access my offerings.  This year I started a wonderful collaboration with Damselfly YogaSpa in Arvada, Colorado.  On Saturday afternoons I offer classes on Health and Lifestyle Medicine. My commitment to you is to continue to offer you the best of everything.

One other valuable addition this year is my new website  Through this I can help people prepare for surgery  and medical procedures no matter where they are located.  Using my experience as a Medical-Surgical nurse and Recovery (PACU) Room nurse combined with safe, easy to use Mind Body Spirit Medicine techniques, I can help you prepare for surgery so you can have less pain and heal faster.

I have many new plans for 2018, so stay in touch for further information.  Please feel free to contact me at The Center for Healing and Change   at 303-463-4742 for further information or to schedule an appointment.

Many blessings to you at Christmas and always!

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