Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program–My Amazing Year Long Adventure in NYC

Change in the Moment, Health Benefits for a Lifetime

What I am most excited and passionate about this spring is sharing with all of you many of the Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine skills and techniques I have learned over the years. I am offering a series of Playshops entitled “You’ve got the Power.” Playshops are fun, interactive workshops–not work, just learning through fun and play. The […]

Doorways to Healing

On April 27, 2009, my best friend, Kathy Bennett, died of ovarian cancer. As a tribute to her and to create a legacy which would truly have an impact on ovarian cancer deaths, her husband, Stu Bennett created The Kathleen Bennett Foundation of Hope for Early Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer. Saturday February 27–10 months after […]


This month of full circles. New Orleans, early October. Returning to the start of my life in nursing and medicine. At 18 years old, my first huge step into the world of disease, suffering and healing. Back to my training, my roots at Charity Hospital. My first experiences of being of service…to the indigent. It […]