HeartMath FreezeFramer® & emWave® Heart RhythmTechnology

Stress Management Techniques

Is your heart racing?
Do you have high blood pressure?
Are you always tense and on edge?
Do you feel overwhelmed, unable to make clear decisions?


Using HeartMath FreezeFramer® and emWave® Heart Rhythm Technology you check your stress level in real time and learn how manage your stress to shift your body into a healthier, calmer and more efficient state reducing your risk of illness.

It a scientifically proven technique that is easy to use  for:

  • stress management
  • clear decision making
  • improved health



Why use HeartMath FreezeFramer® Technique & emWave® Heart Rhythm Technology?

When you are mentally and emotionally reacting to life with frustration, anxiety and indecision you are releasing unhealthy stress hormones into your system.  You are draining your energy and distorting your perspective.  Over time this can have a negative impact your health and happiness.

Your mental and emotional attitudes have a profound effect on your heart’s electrical system and on the immune and hormonal systems of your body.  Daily accumulation of little stresses in your life, take a huge toll on you.

How does it work?

Using Heart® MathFreezeFramer®and emWave® you can see how immediately how your thoughts and emotions affect your heart rhythm and your stress levels in each moment.  You learn that by changing your thought and emotions, you can directly affect your physiology. You can choose to become healthier and more peaceful or to increase your stress level.

Using HeartMath® interactive learning systems, you can learn to:

  • Balance your emotions, mind and body quickly and effectively.
  • Change your perception which changes your physiology.
  • Neutralize your stress reactions as they occur before they negatively impact your health.
  • Learn to stay in “the Coherence Zone” for your optimal health, performance and personal fulfillment.

Fee Schedule:

HeartMath® training with HeartMath FreezeFramer® & emWave®: $150.00per session

HeartMath® training without FreezeFramer® & emWave®: $ 100.00 per hour

Follow up Sessions $ 100.00 per hour/ $55.00 per half-hour


Learn more about how HeartMath® training can help you be healthier & think more clearly.

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