Finding Calm in the Chaos of Life

Father's Day 2012

My son and his daughter  enjoying Father’s day.

Slowing down, enjoying each precious moment.

It is summertime, such a vibrant,energetic time of year. Life is full and busy. In March, I graduated from Urban Zen (NYC) as an Urban Zen Integrative Therapist. My goal has always been to learn as much as I can so that I can integrate it into my own life and offer it to my clients. Last week completed my Reiki Master/Teacher. After doing energy work and studying energy medicine for over 30 years, it is always fun and interesting to learn more.

Since my graduation from Urban Zen, I have been committed to bringing Urban Zen Integrative Therapy to Colorado and the western United States. Lots of ideas, possibilities and collaborations are in the works. My vision has always been to integrate Mind Body Spirit Medicine into all cancer treatment. My hope is that one day care for the mind body and spirit will be standard of care for every cancer patient. We may or may not be able to affect the outcome of the disease but we know that we can affect (improve) the experience of the patient. Next week, I will begin working with Spa 4 the Pink at Hope Love Spa in Eagle, Colorado offering Urban Zen Integrative Therapy and much more to cancer patients in the Vail Valley. Hopefully this will be one step in bringing calm in the chaos of cancer treatment for cancer patients everywhere.

In the meantime, each day I an choosing calm and peace of my own life. I am enjoying the beauty of Colorado, my beautiful family, my fabulous friends and all of the possibilities that life offers this summer. Life is rich and full and I am so grateful for all of the opportunities of the past year. I miss Urban Zen and NYC and all of my new friends, but we are all still tied together by our commitment to Donna Karan’s mission of “treating the person with the same passion as we treat the disease.” I know that truly we are all still working together.

Enjoy each smile, laugh and moment in the sun this summer! LET LIFE SURPRISE AND DELIGHT YOU EVERY DAY!

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