Doorways to Healing

On April 27, 2009, my best friend, Kathy Bennett, died of ovarian cancer. As a tribute to her and to create a legacy which would truly have an impact on ovarian cancer deaths, her husband, Stu Bennett created The Kathleen Bennett Foundation of Hope for Early Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer. Saturday February 27–10 months after her death–we had the first Board Meeting of the Foundation. The “foundation of the Foundation” is now in place. We have a 501(c)3 and have an extremely talented group of volunteers and Board members who are ready to change the deadly paradigm of ovarian cancer. There is valid research that ovarian cancer is CURABLE if it is detected in its earliest stages. We plan to get the word out…to start the conversation about early diagnosis of ovarian cancer.There is research and clinical evidence that will provide new doorways to healing. Creating and working with The Kathleen Bennett Foundation of Hope is a doorway to a path of healing for Stu and for all of us who loved her, and even more importantly, it will provide a doorway to hope for changing ovarian cancer from a deadly to a curable disease.

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