Coming to Life Again

AHHHH, Spring!!! The best thing about living in Colorado is our ever changing seasons. Spring is here with 65 degrees of magnificent sunshine for us yesterday and a predicted 6-10 inches of snow tonight! I can see the storm moving in over the mountains at my desk as I write this. To me it is a reminder of life. Always changing from bitter cold to cozy warmpth, darkness to light, upheaval to calm, and from struggle to peace. The gift that spring gives us is the experience of feeling alive again in the sunshine, even though we know there are still times when the chill of life will set in again. We put on our flipflops and our shorts and we embrace the beauty and vibrance of the birds singing once again, the flowers peaking out in the spring snow and the life giving warmpth of the sunshine. We feel alive again and we feel the possibilities of life begin to bloom again in our souls. What possibilities do you want to cultivate in your life this spring and summer? What are you passionate about this year? What makes you feel alive with meaning purpose this beautiful spring-winter day?

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