The 23rd Anniversary of The Center for Healing and Change

December 2017 marks the 23rd Anniversary of the founding of The Center for Healing and Change! At The Center for Healing and Change I am here to be of service to you during life’s most difficult challenges and to help you stay healthy throughout your lifetime.  I offer care for the whole person– Body, Mind […]


Happy New Year!  Many people are wondering how to find happiness and peace in 2016.  The world seems to be in chaos today.  Everywhere we look there are major problems and challenges.  In our own lives there seem to be overwhelming stressors–serious illness, financial uncertainty, caring for elderly parents, grief and endless demands on us. […]


It is officially 2014. This is the 20th anniversary of my business, THE CENTER FOR HEALING AND CHANGE.  For me, this has been the manifestation of my heart’s dream using my talents and gifts.  I love science and medicine.  I love nursing because of its innate mandate for caring and compassion.  The Center for Healing and […]

Finding Calm in the Chaos of Life

Slowing down, enjoying each precious moment. It is summertime, such a vibrant,energetic time of year. Life is full and busy. In March, I graduated from Urban Zen (NYC) as an Urban Zen Integrative Therapist. My goal has always been to learn as much as I can so that I can integrate it into my own […]

Coming to Life Again

AHHHH, Spring!!! The best thing about living in Colorado is our ever changing seasons. Spring is here with 65 degrees of magnificent sunshine for us yesterday and a predicted 6-10 inches of snow tonight! I can see the storm moving in over the mountains at my desk as I write this. To me it is […]

You are the Healer

My sister, Terri, and her husband, Bob, who is a Denver firefighter returned a week ago from Haiti. Since then, they have been sharing their experiences with all of us. Now the incredibly moving tragedy in Haiti, is so close and personal. Their pictures of the beautiful children at the orphanage where they stayed, touch […]