You’ve been diagnosed with cancer.


Are you asking . . . .

“What else can I do to help myself?”

As a CancerGuide® Mary Maynard RN, CHTP helps you answer these questions.

  • You have someone who listens – a compassionate guide, advocate, educator, & resource
  • You receive support from diagnosis through treatment and beyond
  • You have access to all the options bridging both western medicine & holistic medicine

A CancerGuide®, is a crucial part of your care.

What is a CancerGuide®?


Creating a Healing Partnership

CancerGuide® is your healing partner. She give you guidance, does research, and finds resources or referrals. You are the expert on what you are experiencing.

Your CancerGuide® works with you to find:

* What you need to heal
* A safe Place to explore what having cancer means to you
* Your own inner resources and to find your hope
* The decisions that are right for you

Together we explore your fears about the disease and treatment, so that you feel educated, empowered, strong and hopeful.

The healing partnership helps you to find your way. A way that validates, respects and honors your values, beliefs and goals at cancer diagnosis, through treatment and beyond.

A CancerGuide®, helps you understand your illness & find your strengths.


Our healing partnership addresses your specific immediate, urgent physical, mental, emotional, spiritual needs.

When we meet your needs with the best care possible you:

  • are less fearful
  • are more peaceful
  • can recover more quickly

As a CancerGuide® I help you explore Mind Body Spirit medicine techniques that enhance your quality of life during treatment. We discuss simple, effective, scientifically proven ways for you to care for yourself that:

  • minimize the severity of the side effects of cancer treatment
  • help you to calm your mind and relax your body
  • decrease anxiety and fear
  • support your immune system

A cancer diagnosis is also a difficult and challenging time for your caretakers and support system of family and friends. A CancerGuide® also works with them so that they have the resources and care they need to help you through your diagnosis, treatment and beyond.


“My vision of medicine for cancer patients is that we acknowledge that emotions, mind and spirit need attention as well as the body, providing the best holistic care possible.

And that one day, every patient will have access to a CancerGuide® at the moment of diagnosis.”

– Mary A. Maynard RN, CHTP, CancerGuide®

More about the Mind Body Spirit Healing Partnership and how it works:

The most powerful Mind Body Spirit (holistic, integrative) approaches involve simultaneous strategies.

One track is devoted to directly fighting your cancer. It can be surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or a combination of these.

I want you to have the best doctors and medical treatment available.

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