The 23rd Anniversary of The Center for Healing and Change

Hands Holding a Lit Candle

Bringing OUR  light to the world!

December 2017 marks the 23rd Anniversary of the founding of The Center for Healing and Change! At The Center for Healing and Change I am here to be of service to you during life’s most difficult challenges and to help you stay healthy throughout your lifetime.  I offer care for the whole person– Body, Mind and Spirit.  Here, I bring the best of science and medicine combined with personalized care for all of my clients. I truly believe that it is a privilege to accompany my clients on their journey through cancer, grief and other life challenges.  I am so blessed and grateful for all of you who have trusted me to be a part of your care team over the past 23 years.

Technology has changed many things over the last 23 years and it has allowed me to work with clients all over the United States and now all over the world!  Wherever you are, if my work can be of benefit to you, I am happy to do it. Distance does not make any difference.  My goal is to be of service to everyone who can benefit by the work I do.  Part of that goal is to offer many ways to access my offerings.  This year I started a wonderful collaboration with Damselfly YogaSpa in Arvada, Colorado.  On Saturday afternoons I offer classes on Health and Lifestyle Medicine. My commitment to you is to continue to offer you the best of everything.

One other valuable addition this year is my new website  Through this I can help people prepare for surgery  and medical procedures no matter where they are located.  Using my experience as a Medical-Surgical nurse and Recovery (PACU) Room nurse combined with safe, easy to use Mind Body Spirit Medicine techniques, I can help you prepare for surgery so you can have less pain and heal faster.

I have many new plans for 2018, so stay in touch for further information.  Please feel free to contact me at The Center for Healing and Change   at 303-463-4742 for further information or to schedule an appointment.

Many blessings to you at Christmas and always!




Happy New Year!  Many people are wondering how to find happiness and peace in 2016.  The world seems to be in chaos today.  Everywhere we look there are major problems and challenges.  In our own lives there seem to be overwhelming stressors–serious illness, financial uncertainty, caring for elderly parents, grief and endless demands on us. Whatever we are facing, Mind Body Spirit Medicine offers scientifically proven interventions which can be extremely valuable in helping us cope with our challenges.  In 2016, I am focusing on offering Classes and Playshops that teach simple, effective ways to: calm the mind, relax the body, change negative thoughts, transform stress and lower blood pressure, decrease anxiety, enhance your immune system and create a better, more peaceful quality of life.

I invite you to join me at The Center for Healing and Change to learn how to use the powerful interconnectedness of the mind, body and spirit for health and wellness. Mind Body Spirit Medicine can also be used to support and enhance your current medical treatment, prepare for surgery and medical procedures and to support you through the challenges of cancer or chronic illness.  My goal is to be of service to you as your Partner in Health in 2016!


Gift from a client

Gift from a client

It is officially 2014. This is the 20th anniversary of my business, THE CENTER FOR HEALING AND CHANGE.  For me, this has been the manifestation of my heart’s dream using my talents and gifts.  I love science and medicine.  I love nursing because of its innate mandate for caring and compassion.  The Center for Healing and Change has allowed me to bring the best of science and medicine combined with personalized care for each of my clients.  I offer care for the whole person, listening and being fully present to each of my client’s needs, letting them lead with whatever is most important to them in their challenges or struggles.  I believe that it s a sacred privilege to accompany my clients on their journey through cancer, grief and other life challenges.

In the past 20 years, I have had the pleasure and the privilege of  training  with many the leaders in my field of Mind Body Spirit Medicine.  I thank Herbert Benson, MD, Jim Gordon, MD, Rachel Naomi Remen, MD, Dean Ornish, MD, Mark Hyman, MD, Carolyn Myss, PhD, Jamie Pennebaker, PhD, Kathleen Adams, MA LPC, Christiane Northrup, MD, Martha Beck, Phd, Deepak Chopra, MD,  Joan Halifax, and Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman and so many others for being wonderful teachers and mentors.  Their knowledge and vision has allowed me to learn the many simple, effective, scientifically proven modalities and interventions which I  offer to my clients to help them to find true, deep healing.

I thank all of you who have trusted me to be a part of your care team.  My commitment to you, for the next 20 years, is to offer you the best of everything in Mind Body Spirit Medicine through private sessions, classes, playshops and retreats.  My goal is to be of service to everyone who can benefit from the work that I do.  Part of that goal is to offer many ways to access the work that I do so that it is readily available and affordable to all.

While I will continue my private practice in 2014, I plan to offer many new opportunities to learn about the newest information on lifestyle and staying healthy, so I will be offering many classes on wellness and the power of self-care.  My first offering of 2014 is a Healing Wisdom Circle. In the Wisdom Circle we will explore the mind, body spirit connection through meditation, breath work, guided imagery, writing for healing, restorative yoga, aromatherapy, Healing Touch, music  and much more.  The Wisdom Circle will be offered Tuesday evenings January 7, 14, 21 and 28 2014.  We will gather from 6:30-8pm.  It will be held at the beautiful ASANA STUDIO 5701 Yukon Street in Olde Town Arvada.  For Registration and information, call Asana Studio at 303-437-6666 or call me at The Center for Healing and Change 303-463-4742.

Thank you so much for 20 years of incredible experiences.Thank you — all of my amazing clients and teachers. You have taught me so much!  I believe that we can change the world if each one of us offer love and healing to everyone we meet.   Love and all that flows from love–kindness, generosity, forgiveness, understanding, compassion,  is truly what all of us need for healing.

Happy New Year, 2014 is filled with possibilities!  Enjoy creating your life each day and living up to your fullest potential!

Finding Calm in the Chaos of Life

Father's Day 2012

My son and his daughter  enjoying Father’s day.

Slowing down, enjoying each precious moment.

It is summertime, such a vibrant,energetic time of year. Life is full and busy. In March, I graduated from Urban Zen (NYC) as an Urban Zen Integrative Therapist. My goal has always been to learn as much as I can so that I can integrate it into my own life and offer it to my clients. Last week completed my Reiki Master/Teacher. After doing energy work and studying energy medicine for over 30 years, it is always fun and interesting to learn more.

Since my graduation from Urban Zen, I have been committed to bringing Urban Zen Integrative Therapy to Colorado and the western United States. Lots of ideas, possibilities and collaborations are in the works. My vision has always been to integrate Mind Body Spirit Medicine into all cancer treatment. My hope is that one day care for the mind body and spirit will be standard of care for every cancer patient. We may or may not be able to affect the outcome of the disease but we know that we can affect (improve) the experience of the patient. Next week, I will begin working with Spa 4 the Pink at Hope Love Spa in Eagle, Colorado offering Urban Zen Integrative Therapy and much more to cancer patients in the Vail Valley. Hopefully this will be one step in bringing calm in the chaos of cancer treatment for cancer patients everywhere.

In the meantime, each day I an choosing calm and peace of my own life. I am enjoying the beauty of Colorado, my beautiful family, my fabulous friends and all of the possibilities that life offers this summer. Life is rich and full and I am so grateful for all of the opportunities of the past year. I miss Urban Zen and NYC and all of my new friends, but we are all still tied together by our commitment to Donna Karan’s mission of “treating the person with the same passion as we treat the disease.” I know that truly we are all still working together.

Enjoy each smile, laugh and moment in the sun this summer! LET LIFE SURPRISE AND DELIGHT YOU EVERY DAY!

Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program–My Amazing Year Long Adventure in NYC

Synchronicity. It all started with a radio program. Two years ago, I heard Donna Karan (DKNY) speaking to Dr. Oz about the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program she had started to address key patient symptoms of PANIC–PAIN, ANXIETY, NAUSEA, INSOMNIA, CONSTIPATION AND EXHAUSTION. She said, “When my husband Stephan was sick with lung cancer, it became clear to me that our current healthcare model treats the disease, but fails to treat the person.” She caught my attention! This is the work I have been doing for the last 18 years. I had to get connected with her groundbreaking program!

The more I found out about Donna Karan and the Urban Zen Programs ( the more I KNEW that I had to be a part of this! Last spring I applied to the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program and was accepted! I committed to the year long training not having any idea of how I would possibly travel to NYC once a month for the coming year. I showed up in April of 2011 filled with excitement and gratitude for this unbelievable opportunity. The past year has been a whirlwind of hard work, new challenges and pure delight. I am in love with NYC! Truly the perfect life, one week a month in NYC and the rest of the time living at the base of the foothills in colorful Colorado. I am so blessed and grateful for all of the amazing people I have met at Urban Zen and most of all, I am so pleased to be able to bring all of these powerfully effective skills back to my work here in Colorado. I am in the home stretch. I graduate as an Urban Zen Integrative Therapist on March 18, 2012! This program has deepened my commitment to my work treating each person as a unique individual and to bringing them the best in Integrative/Holistic Medicine. Pretty soon you can call me a UZIT (use it) and I am proud of it!

Change in the Moment, Health Benefits for a Lifetime

What I am most excited and passionate about this spring is sharing with all of you many of the Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine skills and techniques I have learned over the years. I am offering a series of Playshops entitled “You’ve got the Power.” Playshops are fun, interactive workshops–not work, just learning through fun and play. The first of the series will be offered Saturday January 29th from 10:30am to 4:30pm. It will be held at the Stanley Lake Library Meeting Room 8485 Kipling Street, Arvada Colorado. The first class is “SELF CARE IS POWERFUL CARE.” It will focus on effective-scientifically proven ways to calm the mind and relax the body, transform stress and lower blood pressure, enhance your immune system and create a better quality of life. The cost is just $100.00 for a full day filled with fun, information and skills training! You will learn that changing (your thinking, your breathing, etc) in the moment can have health benefits for a lifetime. Class size is limited! Reserve your space NOW. Call me at The Center for Healing and Change at 303-463-4742 to register or register on the CLASSES page on my website with PayPal. Take a day out of your busy life to take care of yourself. Make it even more fun, bring your friends! You won’t regret it!

Coming to Life Again

AHHHH, Spring!!! The best thing about living in Colorado is our ever changing seasons. Spring is here with 65 degrees of magnificent sunshine for us yesterday and a predicted 6-10 inches of snow tonight! I can see the storm moving in over the mountains at my desk as I write this. To me it is a reminder of life. Always changing from bitter cold to cozy warmpth, darkness to light, upheaval to calm, and from struggle to peace. The gift that spring gives us is the experience of feeling alive again in the sunshine, even though we know there are still times when the chill of life will set in again. We put on our flipflops and our shorts and we embrace the beauty and vibrance of the birds singing once again, the flowers peaking out in the spring snow and the life giving warmpth of the sunshine. We feel alive again and we feel the possibilities of life begin to bloom again in our souls. What possibilities do you want to cultivate in your life this spring and summer? What are you passionate about this year? What makes you feel alive with meaning purpose this beautiful spring-winter day?

Doorways to Healing

On April 27, 2009, my best friend, Kathy Bennett, died of ovarian cancer. As a tribute to her and to create a legacy which would truly have an impact on ovarian cancer deaths, her husband, Stu Bennett created The Kathleen Bennett Foundation of Hope for Early Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer. Saturday February 27–10 months after her death–we had the first Board Meeting of the Foundation. The “foundation of the Foundation” is now in place. We have a 501(c)3 and have an extremely talented group of volunteers and Board members who are ready to change the deadly paradigm of ovarian cancer. There is valid research that ovarian cancer is CURABLE if it is detected in its earliest stages. We plan to get the word out…to start the conversation about early diagnosis of ovarian cancer.There is research and clinical evidence that will provide new doorways to healing. Creating and working with The Kathleen Bennett Foundation of Hope is a doorway to a path of healing for Stu and for all of us who loved her, and even more importantly, it will provide a doorway to hope for changing ovarian cancer from a deadly to a curable disease.

You are the Healer

My sister, Terri, and her husband, Bob, who is a Denver firefighter returned a week ago from Haiti. Since then, they have been sharing their experiences with all of us. Now the incredibly moving tragedy in Haiti, is so close and personal. Their pictures of the beautiful children at the orphanage where they stayed, touch your soul. Terri said that these precious little children lovingly, generously take care of each other everyday. She said that the most beautiful and inspiring experience they had was that, in spite of loosing everything, people showed up everyday to help with a smile on their face. She said that their faith is sustaining them…it is all they have left.

It certainly makes me think. About everyone in Haiti and their immediate and ongoing needs. About my clients who are facing incredible challenges fighting cancer. About our own homeless children at Urban Peak here in Denver, and about all of those in the United states and all around the world who have no medical care.

I believe that it takes enormous courage just to go on after the earthquake, to choose to go to Haiti to provide medical care, to show up for cancer treatment… There are so many ways people show their strength and courage everyday, just by showing up with a smile on their face and serving the preciousness of their own life or the lives of their brothers and sisters.

I am inspired, I am humbled and I am moved to do what ever I can do, in whatever capacity that is. We are all thinking what can I do, how can I serve? I believe that true healing is being open to the call within ourselves to offer ourselves. For we, each one of us, are the most important healing instruments on the earth.




This month of full circles. New Orleans, early October. Returning to the start of my life in nursing and medicine. At 18 years old, my first huge step into the world of disease, suffering and healing. Back to my training, my roots at Charity Hospital. My first experiences of being of service…to the indigent. It fit me. I had a sense of belonging there that I had never experienced before. When I was in a relationship with my patients, I was alive in a way that I had not known even existed.

Two weeks ago, light years away from New Orleans, on the water in Mill Valley California, I sat in a room filled with seasoned doctors and nurses. Rachel Naomi Remen, MD, the magnificent visionary healer and author of Kitchen Table Wisdom and My Grandfather’s Blessings, was leading our discussion. We were talking about finding meaning in Medicine and Nursing. We were sharing about being “called” to our work. We were remembering and voicing why we do this work, knowing at the deepest level we are exactly where we need to be–in the heart of healing. And with tears streaming down our faces we knew without a doubt that we were home.