Healing Stories

From Mary’s Clients

“Mary Maynard is one of the most gifted energy workers I know.  Not only is she extremely skilled in what she does, she is a beautiful individual with a sincere, loving, joyful and open heart.   She creates a safe, comfortable, non judgmental space in which to process our life challenges.

I personally have had incredible healings while under her care.  In this toxic, ever changing environment we find ourselves in today, I find her work an absolute necessity to assisting me in staying balanced, centered and clear of negative energy.”
Kristine Morton

“Mary has been an angel for me through my recent cancer experiences.  She has helped me deal with my own emotions and fears, as well as understand my treatment options.

She helped me formulate questions for my doctor, prepare for surgery, access resources, and gain a sense of control, calm and hopefulness.  To have someone who understands the process and is an advocate for you at such a vulnerable time is a true gift.”
– Kathy Bennett

“After I was diagnosed with breast cancer, a friend recommended that I see Mary Maynard to help me deal with the challenges that I would face during this chapter of life.  Overwhelmed with fear, confusion and shock of what I was facing I was open to anything that could help.

Making an appointment with Mary changed my life and I truly believe ultimately changed the outcome of my cancer experience. Mary taught me techniques that changed the way I processed cancer, surgeries, chemo and the healing process.  She did ‘Healing Touch’ to put me in a place of calm and created powerful energy within myself to have more control over the situation.

She is an amazing source of knowledge form her nursing experiences, but beyond that she is an amazing woman.  Mary has the gift of calmness in the middle of chaos, and the gift of ‘healing touch’.  There is no way I can express the value she has brought to my life and I would recommend her to anyone.”
– Mary Wells., Denver, CO

“Certain stars outshine their counterparts in the solar system.  Their brilliance is immediately evident, luminous and radiant. All capable adjectives fitting for Mary, my favorite holistic health instructor at RRCC. …

I remember how supportive and kind you were, as you were to each student, always eliciting the positive and the good.  You taught in a way that modeled personal holism: authentically, unpretentiously and with great poise.  Thank you for being one of the bright shining stars in my life and in so many others.”
Kate Ciluffo 2008

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