About Mary

“The best medical care is care which addresses the needs of the whole person with the best care for mind, body and spirit. Bringing together the best of everything, like putting the pieces of the puzzle together, can create the circumstances for healing to occur.”
Mary Maynard RN, CHTP

“Holistic Nursing is an exquisite blend of technology with caring, love, compassion and creativity.”
Barbara Dorsey, RN


Early in my nursing career, I became fascinated with healing.  It amazed me that some people live through accidents or illnesses that doctors believed were impossible to survive, while and others died unexpectedly of unknown or seemingly minor illnesses.

My goal is to empower my clients to find what they need to heal and to make changes in their life which will support their healing.

My passion has become helping people find peace in the middle of chaos and learning to trust their own inner wisdom.

The Center for Healing and Change was founded in 1997 by Mary Maynard RN, CHTP and Kathleen Adams LPC, RPT to provide just such a place.  A place where you will find expert, compassionate care dedicated to helping you identify and meet your unique needs and goals and to helping you to find your own healing path.

To reach as many people as possible, I teach, write, consult, facilitate and have a private practice in Holistic Nursing specializing in Mind Body Spirit Medicine.


My mission at the Center for Healing and Change is to provide expert, compassionate care which is based on:

  • the uniqueness of each person
  • the creation of Healing Partnerships,
  • the belief that all healing is self-healing
  • every person has the innate wisdom and ability to heal
  • scientific, evidence-based therapies and approaches

As part of my mission, I am committed to:

  • making Mind Body Spirit care accessible to all who desire to learn self-care strategies for healing and optimal wellness
  • integrating holistic care into the total healthcare of people facing chronic and life threatening illnesses and life challenges and crises.

The Center for Healing and Change lives this mission by:

  • Offering expert, compassionate care based on the unique needs of each individual patient
  • Providing educational classes and groups for people living with stress, chronic illness, life-threatening illness providing them with the opportunity to transform the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of their lives
  • Teaching in the community college and community settings
  • Providing an environment which supports and nurtures the body, mind and spirit’s innate wisdom and ability to heal.


The Center for Healing and Change is a unique source of expert, compassionate, individualized care which respects and honors each individual’s ability to heal, to grow and to be transformed by life’s challenges regardless of the outcome.

My vision is to help people remember that healing is always possible even when curing may not be.

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